Swaffham Bulbeck Summer Theatre

SBST Principal Audition Date – 26th November 2017

Swaffham Bulbeck Summer Theatre will be presenting a double bill of shows next year from 13th to 16th June 2017, comprising ‘Cox and Box’  and ‘H.M.S. Pinafore’.

Auditions for principals’ parts will be held Sunday 26th November. The parts available and the pieces required for the auditions are shown in the tables below.

Please contact Angela on 01223 811722 or by e-mail on aroebuck73@gmail.com if you would like to arrange an audition.

The vocal score and libretto for Cox and Box can be viewed in two parts via the following link: http://gsarchive.net/sullivan/cox_and_box/#intro

The vocal score for H.M.S. Pinafore is available at: http://gsarchive.net/pinafore/pinafore.pdf

Everyone is encouraged to give it a go!

We are always looking for new people to join us! It’s really easy to get involved with SBST, to find out more please contact us.

Audition Pieces for HMS Pinafore

Character Voice Role Audition Piece
The Rt Hon.Sir Joseph Porter K.C.P. Comic Baritone First Lord of the Admiralty No 9 – ‘When I was a lad’ vv. 1&2.

No 16 – ‘Never mind the why and wherefore’ v.2 and chorus

Captain Corcoran Lyric baritone Commanding HMS Pinafore No 13 – ‘Fair Moon, to thee I sing’
Ralph Rackstraw Tenor Able Seaman No 3 – Aria: ‘A maiden fair to see’
Dick Deadeye Bass – baritone Able Seaman No 17 – ‘Kind captain, I’ve important information’ v.1
Bill Bobstay Baritone (Can be sung by a woman.) Boatswain’s Mate No 18 – from ‘He is an Englishman’ to ‘he remains an Englishman’
Bob Beckett Bass Carpenter’s Mate No 10 – ‘A British Tar’ v. 1
Josephine Soprano The Captain’s Daughter- A Suffragette No 15 – ‘The hours creep on apace’
Cousin Hebe Mezzo – soprano Sir Joseph’s First Cousin No 12 – from ‘Oh Joy oh rapture unforeseen’ to ‘many various ways’ (P. 65 – 69)
Mrs Cripps – Little Buttercup Contralto A Portsmouth Bumboat woman – Black market dealer in 1918 No 2 – I’m called Little Buttercup’

Audition Pieces for Cox and Box

Character Voice Role Audition Piece
James John Cox Baritone A Journeyman Hatter No 5 – ‘My master is punctual’
John James Box Tenor A Journeyman Printer No 4 – ‘Hush’d is the bacon’
Sergeant Bouncer Bass – Baritone Late of the Dampshire Yeomanry No 2 – ‘Rataplan’